Winter Handicap

The winter handicap is a popular event held once a month over the winter months. It is open to all club members and is free to enter. The handicap is over a measured 5K distance over what is quite a tough route but all on tarmac, and is held at Lilleshall Sports Centre. The race starts at the hockey pitches and ends by the archway to the main hall.

The event is an ideal way to measure the progress you have made over the winter months as you can compare each months times one against another. There are prizes after each race for the most improved runners. The results and prizes are announced in The Wheatsheaf about an hour and a half after the race has finished. Please come along to share a pint or two and swap a few stories.

If you wish to enter you merely have to submit an estimated time and we will do the rest. You are only eligible for prizes after your second race. Please send estimated times to: and then just turn up. You will be allocated a number which you should keep for the whole series.

Please remember to bring the number to you to all races!

Next race: 10th February 2016 at 6.30pm